What is MRT & BTS in Thailand

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What is MRT & BTS in Thailand

When relocating to Bangkok there are several important factors when choosing where you want to live
such as where your office will be located, and what BTS or MRT station to be next to.

Bangkok is notorious for its heavy traffic and rush hour grid locks, but thanks to the BTS and
MRTcompany now clients can avoid this gridlock.

The BTS is a sky train system that runs from the North to South East area of bangkok, taking tourists
from ChatuchalMkt (Mo-Chit BTS Station) , all the way across the Chaopraya River (Wong WianYai BTS Station).
Thousands of people from Thai's to Tourists use the public transportation daily to commute to work or go on
city excursions.

When searching for an apartment, clients should consider the proximity of the apartment to their office.
It takes roughly 2.30min per BTS stop so the fewer stations the faster the commute. Clients must also
remember that condos close to the BTS station will be slightly more expensive than other developments
further away. Currently there are only 2 lines the run the sky train with more future stations to come.
With this limitation, clients can also consider the use of MRT system.

The MRT is the other popular mode of public transportation in Bangkok. It is subway of Thailand,
which runs along the main roads of bangkok. It is also a popular mode of commute as the BTS line does not
reach every street in the city. The MRT intersects with the BTS at two different stations, Asoke and
Mo Chit, so commuters can switch train systems at these two main junction spots.

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